Desi Steely Lock Type Door Alarm

Desi Steely is an alarm system specially designed for doors. It is invisible from the outside of the door after installation. The system has 2 different protection sensors; impact sensor and magnetic contact. Steely can be used with password by keypad on the device or by the remote controller which is sold separately.


Steely Specifications

Desi Steelly Lock Type Door Alarm

  • Built-in structure that does not disturb the aesthetic appearance of the door
  • Possibility to use with remote control or password
  • Double protection sensor
  • Works with 2 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Long battery life with custom electronics design
  • High alarm volume

Alarm Specifications


There are 2 different protection sensors in the built-in alarm system:

IMPACT SENSOR: It provides alarm to the system in case of impact detection that passes through the meter and threshold value coming to the door. In this case, the malicious person will get away without harming your door.

OPENING SENSOR: Using the magnetic field principle, this sensor detects if the door has been separated from the frame and allows the system to alarm if the door is opened. There 2 different variants of Desi Steely. One of them is remote controller version. Once the alarm system is armed by using remote controller, the system will automatically start to alarm if anybody opens the door without using the remote controller (including opening the door with the original key).

Second version is sold without remote controller. When the alarm is armed by using the keypad on the Steely, if anybody opens the door with or without the key, the system will give you 8 seconds to input the correct code by using the keypad and failure of the correct code input will automatically start the alarm.


Remote Controller Specifications


In fixed-code controls, the RF code is always the same when the button is pressed. DESi remote controls use rolling code technology. Rolling code technology works briefly as follows: 1) When you press the button of the rolling code control, an encrypted code is spread as RF. 2) When you press the same button again, a different RF code is spread in encrypted form. The same code dos not broadcast again. The DESi controllers are broadcasted at the frequency of 433.92 MHz.