Desi Piks Embedded Fingerprint Electronic Lock

Desi Piks Embedded Fingerprint Electronic Lock Series

Desi Piks is an entrance system working by reading your fingerprint. There are different variations for your needs as electric powered, battery powered or both of them together. Remote controller and alarm options are also offered to you to maximize your security and comfort. Desi Piks battery powered versions can fully lock and unlock up to 4.000 times with Alkaline batteries and 10.000 times with Lithium batteries without changing the battery.

Desi Piks Specifications


Desi Piks Embedded Fingerprint Electronic Lock

– Special electronic design with Alkaline batteries capable of 4.000 full locking/ unlocking or 10.000 with Lithium batteries

– Built-in structure that does not disturb the aesthetic appearance of the door

– Full control of the lock with a fingerprint

– Intelligent design that does not prevent the use of lock with key

– Electric operating option (requires additional adapter)

– Remote controller option

– Alarm option (requires additional adapter)


Fingerprint Reader Specifications


Desi Piks Fingerprint Reader

The wireless fingerprint reader module, which can be mounted on the outer face of the door or on the wall, operates through a 500 DPI capacitive reader sensor. This device, which can learn a total of 1900 fingerprints including 3 authorized fingers, has been awarded worldwide with its fingerprint evaluation algorithm. The new fingerprint learning and fingerprint recognition process takes less than 1 second, and the module exhibits high performance on children’s fingers, old fingers and female fingers, which are difficult to recognize with other fingerprint modules.

Alarm Features

Alarm is an option which you can prefer at Desi Piks. There are 2 types of protection that triggers alarm system.


IMPACT SENSOR: It measures the impacts coming to the door and enables the system to give an alarm if it detects an impact that exceeds the threshold value. In this way, the malicious person will get away without damaging your door.

OPENING SENSOR: Using the magnetic field principle, this sensor detects whether the door leaf is detached from its frame and provides an alarm when the door is opened.
After the alarm system is activated, if anyone opens the door without using a remote control (including opening the door with a lock pick or an original key), the system will automatically start to alarm.

Remote Controller Features


Desi Remote Controller


Remote controller is another option which you can prefer at Desi Piks. Thanks to remote controller, it is possible to unlock the door or unlock and disarm the alarm if your Piks have alarm system.


In fixed code remote controls, the code emitted as RF when the button is pressed is the same continuously. DESi remote controls use rolling code technology. Variable code technology works briefly as follows: 1) When you press the button of the variable code remote, an encrypted code is emitted as RF. 2) When you press the same button once more, a different RF code is emitted, again encrypted. The same code is not broadcast again. DESi controls, which are approved by the Telecommunication Authority, broadcast at 433.92 MHz, offer you comfort and safety together.