DESi Utopic R

Small, Strong and Pretty

Smart Lock


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Lock/Unlock remotely (with WiFi Bridge)
  • 1 minute installation,
  • Mobile Phone control
  • Time limited, scheduled and one time access
  • Lock or unlock with Fingerprint, keypad, remote controller
  • Compatible with smart home systems (with DESi Home Automation Interface)
Önden görünüş

Utopic OK

Type A On Key

Smart Lock

Control Your Door From Anywhere

Smart Hub

Utopic For

Europe, Swiss, Nordic and UK

Utopic 3

Gold Edition

Smart Lock

Utopic OK

Type B On Key

Smart Lock

Desi Utopic OK Type B Smart Lock
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Desi Utopic Controllers


  • - Keypad
  • - Fingerprint Reader
  • - Remote Controller
  • - Mobile Phone
  • - WiFi Bridge

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