Desi Smart WiFi Bridge

DESi Smart Bridge

With DESi Smart Bridge, you can now control your Utopic series smart locks from anywhere in the world. You can connect up to a total of 4 different Utopic smart locks or mini receivers to a single Smart Bridge.

The Smart Bridge is controlled through the DESi Smart appli cation. If you are the master of Utopic smart locks, you can easily pair your Utopic smart locks by following the steps in the application.

What can you do with the Smart Bridge?

  • You can add up to 4 different Utopic R & Utopic 2 & Utopic 3 smart locks or mini receivers.
  • You can remotely lock or unlock your locks.
  • You can check the battery status of your Utopic smart locks.
  • You can see whether your door is locked or unlocked.
  • You can add 2 different authorized users (Authorized users can add an unlimited number of users).
  • You can select which locks users can control.
  • You can grant a user the ability to control multiple locks if desired.
  • You can receive lock/unlock notification from the App. (Device Type AD needs)

What is required for Smart Bridge installation?

  • Wireless internet connection
  • DESi Smart application
  • DESi Utopic smart lock or mini receiver

What is the control range of the Smart Bridge?

For optimal performance, the WiFi internet signal level shown on the application should be at least level 3. The maximum distance between the modem and DESi Smart Bridge should be 10 meters.

The maximum distance between DESi Smart Bridge and Utopic smart locks should be 5 meters. Usage is possible at greater distances, but lock and battery status may not be displayed correctly.

Locking and unlocking can be done over longer distances through RF 433MHz. However, the battery and lock status of your smart lock are controlled via Bluetooth, which has shorter ranges for this operation.

Smart Bridge General Features:

  • Power: 5V
  • Cable Type: Type-C
  • Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and RF 434MHz modules
  • Unlimited user identification
  • 4 different authorized identifications
  • Black or white color
  • 10 meters of usage distance (may vary depending on the environment)
  • Compatible Devices: Utopic R, Utopic R OK, Utopic 2, and Utopic 3 smart locks

Devices Compatible with the Smart Bridge:

  • Utopic R and Utopic R OK (Device Type ND and AD)
  • Utopic 2 (Device Type N2) (only lock or unlock)
  • Utopic 3 (Device Type N2) (only lock or unlock)